• Why Inbound Marketing Alone Likely Won’t Work Anymore

      Much has been written opining the impact of high-levels of content publishing online across the globe and its impact on marketing. In fact, Mark Schaefer was the first to kick off the debate in January of 2014. To paraphrase his argument: The amount of content being published online is increasing at an exponential rate and will surpass people’s ability to consume it. He calls this “Content Shock.

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    • 7 Bold Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2018

      Every year around this time I take a step back and to ponder some predictions for your field for the coming year. Some come to be, others are a few years early, and then there’s predictions I’m still waiting to come true years later. You can’t win them all, unfortunately. That said, the trends I’m following lead me to believe that the seven predictions below will become true in 2018.

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  • Facebook’s Ambitious News Feed Changes Are Shaking up the Ad World

    A New Algorithm for the New Year On January 11th, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg struck fear into the hearts of marketers everywhere with the following phrase, “The first changes you’ll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups. As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.

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  • The Case Against Storytelling in Content Marketing

    My industry colleague and friend, Douglas Karr, inspired me to take on this topic. It’s been a subject of conversation I’ve had for a number of years at conferences and industry events. He poignantly points out, “That Not Every Content Strategy Needs a Story” and I wholeheartedly agree with him. He makes a very poignant case that I recommend you read.

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  • Chatbots And Appointment Slots: Upgrading Your Social Media

    Social media is supposed to be the prime frontier for business conversions, but for many companies, the results have been flat. In fact, a recent CivicScience survey revealed only 4% of respondents over age 13 had made a purchase through an Instagram ad, while Snapchat, the hot new communications venue, has a meager conversion rate of only 1%.

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  • 5 Tools to Help Freelancers Get Paid on Time

    Anyone who has ever freelanced knows that increased professional freedom comes with enormous benefits as well as numerous challenges. One of the primary difficulties self-employed workers face, especially when just starting out, is payment. While companies today are more aware of the consequences of abusing freelancers, whether that’s paying them late or undervaluing their w ...

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  • 7 Facts about Content Marketing to Help Keep Your Strategy Fresh in 2018

    If your content marketing has slowed down or stagnated in 2017, all hope is not lost. The New Year represents new opportunities. It brings a fresh start to your content planning and strategy. Surely, there are practices that you will have to let go of. But there are also current and possibly novel ones that you will have to embrace.

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  • 4 Branding and Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs In 2018

    We live in a time more than ever that makes it possible to build wealth with nothing more than a laptop and a smartphone. More than 10% of the workforce identified as self-employed in the recent years, and you can expect those numbers to grow by leaps and bounds. However, not all self-employed entrepreneurs are created equal.

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  • Accenture Joins Forces with Emmy Award Winning Content Producer Mackevision

    A Power Couple Content corporation Accenture has teamed up with German-based Mackevision, the Emmy award-winning creative team behind Game of Thrones’ most stunningly gorgeous visual effects, to elevate their extended reality 3D visual and animation capabilities. This acquisition opens up new doors for Accenture’s visually enhanced AR and VR campaigns and gives clients a new way to advertise.

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  • How to Manage Your Remote Content Marketing Team

    As many as 47 percent of working Americans state that they work remotely at least part of the time. Remote workers are becoming increasingly common, and this creates a modern challenge for managers and business owners. Because so many workers are spending at least some of their workdays functioning out of their homes, managers must find an effective way to efficiently manage their team.

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  • Facebook to Disconnect Digital Assistant M on January 19th

    M Struggles to Compete Since 2015, Facebook has been experimenting with a Messenger digital assistant service dubbed M, providing personal assistant services to a limited number of test groups; some of them being Facebook employees. Facebook’s decision to insert themselves into the digital assistant landscape was unsurprising.

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  • SMBs: Hand Off Social Media To The Pros

    For SMBs, social media is a leading point of customer contact, but most aren’t well equipped to carry out a comprehensive social campaign with videos and advertising. In these cases, the optimal solution is to hand off social media to someone else, rather than trying to keep it in-house. The Demands of Social Media “Digital marketing has become more than just generating web ...

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  • Top 15 Advanced SERP Features To Look Out For In 2018

    Google gave and Google Taketh Google was never in the brand business. It was ALWAYS in the content business. And while the 10 blue links lasted.. It was a great marriage. It had it’s up and down’s, no doubt, like all good marriages but there was a sense of mutual benefit and (I hope), respect. We needed each other, didn’t we? To be completely honest, I cannot say that I took o ...

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  • GE Appliances Unites Businesses and Creators with Giddy

    Collaboration Reinvented On January 5th, GE Appliances announced that they will be premiering a new online community platform called Giddy at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. This new mobile platform will give talented creators the rare opportunity to share their innovative ideas with big name brands and collaborate with them on new and existing projects.

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  • Top Social Media Trends for 2017 – Infographic

    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat are all investing very heavily into live streaming, and for good reason. Live streaming videos have proven to be extremely popular, especially with the younger generation, and the industry will only grow from now on. Facebook and YouTube, the world’s most popular sites for hosting and watching videos, maintain the lion’s shar ...

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  • Top 10 Content Marketing Platforms in 2018

    Content production has become so massive that it has turned into a real industry with its leaders and outsiders. Content today is the same product as a smartphone or a plastic bag. This industry also has companies that set the trends of content marketing the same way, Apple rules in the segment of gadgets.

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  • Influencer Marketing Firm Whosay is Now a Viacom Company

    A Viable Partnership As a way to supercharge their social media campaign strategy, Viacom has acquired influencer marketing firm Whosay. Steve Ellis, CEO of Whosay, made the announcement on the Whosay Twitter account this morning. Founded in 2010, Whosay has been a leader in the world of celebrity and influencer paired social marketing campaigns.

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