• [Infographic] Movable Ink’s 2017 Year in Review

      2017 was a huge year for growth here at Movable Ink. Everything from our team to our product features to our events got bigger and better. Here’s an overview of our accomplishments from 2017 and a handy infographic to break it all down. Oh, but that’s not all. Keep scrolling to learn more about Movable Ink’s 2017 accomplishments 🙌 We were named on Deloitte 2017 Technology Fa ...

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    • The Inc. 5000 – What It Means To Us

      In an age of countless lists celebrating successful companies, it’s easy to look inward when another recognition or ranking comes down the pike. Of course, everyone here at Movable Ink takes personal pride when we’re spotlighted or given an award for our growth and innovation – and deservedly so. However, we also like to look externally at all of our clients and partners that ...

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    • 500 Billion Impressions and Counting: How Movable Ink Handles Holiday Volume

      Cyber Week 2017 was historic for consumer spending, with $6.59 billion spent on Cyber Monday alone. A healthy portion of that spend can be attributed to clever email marketing campaigns, and as a result Cyber Week was historic for Movable Ink, too. We hit nearly 2 billion impressions in 24 hours and reached a total of 500 billion all-time impressions.

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  • 6 Rules for Crafting Email Content That Connects

    When it comes to email marketing content, engagement is everything. Your content must instantly connect with audiences, sustain that connection, and leave readers wanting to hear more from you. Following the six “rules” below will help you craft content that does just that. Make it useful The most important way to ensure your success as a content creator is to always keep in ...

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  • [Video] How Movable Ink Helps HotelTonight Create Amazing Travel Experiences

    HotelTonight is big on creating exceptional experiences for their customers – and those experiences include best-in-class emails. That’s why they partnered with Movable Ink to create personalized, real-time campaigns. Check out our video interview with Katie White from HotelTonight and find out why she considers Movable Ink to be an extension of her own team.

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  • 6 Ways to Drive Loyalty with Intelligent Content

    What are your marketing resolutions for 2018? If “focusing more on existing customers” isn’t on your list, you might want to scribble that one down. In the long run, driving long-lasting relationships with existing customers can be more beneficial than trying to acquire new ones. Not only will they continue to buy from your brand, but loyal customers will acquire new customers for you.

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  • 10 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2018

    The following blog post was written by Forster Perelsztejn. Forster gathers sales data at Prospect.io in order to deliver powerful and insightful advice to salespeople. Check out his Top 10 Cold Email Templates Based on 3,327,652 Emails Sent! With 2018 around the corner, it only seemed natural to look into what’s going to matter in the realm of email marketing.

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  • 4 Services to Help Email Marketers Elevate Customer Experience in 2018

    “The most effective way for the decision makers in organizations to realize financial success is to ensure their businesses get ever better at meeting the needs, wants and expectations of their customers,” writes Ian Golding at CustomerThink. “By doing so, not only will they be elevating customer experience to the forefront of everyone’s thinking, they are far more likely to a ...

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  • Our Top Blog Posts of 2017

    2017 was huge for innovating in the inbox. We saw more marketers focusing on the quality of their email content by adding advanced personalization to surprise and delight their customers. We also saw countless marketers embrace data – or at least look for new ways to leverage data in their emails.

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  • 10 Simple Hacks to Boost Your Creative Output In 2018

    Want to make 2018 your most creative year ever? Here are ten simple hacks that can help: 1. Clench your left hand “The next time you have a creative problem to solve, squeeze your left hand into a fist,” suggests Amantha Imber at Success. Although the idea sounds far-fetched, it’s backed up by a study that asked one group of people to squeeze a ball with their left hand, whil ...

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  • Congratulations to Our Marketer Quarterly Awards Winners!

    It’s no secret that our clients are doing incredible things with email. From the examples in our Inkredible 5 lookbook to our superstar case study clients, we’re always happy to celebrate our their success. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that eight of our clients were recognized in the Marketer Quarterly Awards for their outstanding 2017 campaigns.

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  • PI Predictions: Machine Learning to Play Vital Role in Email Marketing

    The following article was originally posted on PerformanceIN.com. You can view the original post here. Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink shares his thoughts on how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will have vital roles in email marketing next year. Email is poised to retain its long-standing reign as the workhorse of digital marketing into 2018.

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  • How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes

    Remember “Things That Make You Go Hmmm?” The catchy tune has nothing to do with email marketing. Nevertheless, please consider it the theme song for this post, which looks at four practices that email marketers should think twice about (an audible “hmmm” is optional, of course). They are: 1. Resending emails It seems logical enough.

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  • [WATCH NOW] Holiday Recap: The Biggest Email Marketing Wins from Cyber Week 2017

    Is it us, or does Cyber Week get bigger every year? Cyber Monday 2017 alone saw huge increases in consumer spend: shoppers spent $6.59 billion that day! With so many conversions taking place online, it’s no secret that email marketers played a major role in driving sales throughout Cyber Week. Here at Movable Ink, we saw enormous lifts in impressions: we reached an all-time hi ...

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  • How Movable Ink Helps Cheetah Digital Engage and Support Clients

    At Movable Ink, we <3 our partners. And the feeling is mutual! Check out our video interview with Rory Mitchell from Cheetah Digital to learn how we help them elevate experiences for clients. Movable Ink & Cheetah Digital from Movable Ink on Vimeo. Check out the full transcript: “We partnered with Movable Ink back in 2011. We were were of your first partners.

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  • 8 New Year’s Resolutions for Email Marketers in 2018

    Resolutions are as common as hangovers when a new year dawns. Unfortunately, most resolutions are soon forgotten – because they are unrealistic and unattainable. Not ours. You can do everything on this list – and it will be worth it! Let’s start off with a few email-marketing-specific resolutions: 1.

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  • [Infographic] Cyber Week Email Report

    According to Adobe, consumers spent a record-breaking $6.59 billion dollars during Cyber Monday alone, a 16.8% increase over 2016. That makes Cyber Monday 2017 the biggest shopping holiday in history! As we know, email is a huge driver of online sales during the holidays. Every year, Movable Ink gathers our own data report on email marketing activity during the holidays.

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