• Caraa, Mashable and R/GA are named Most Innovative at the 2017 Digiday Awards

      Luxury fitness brand Caraa, media company Mashable and digital agency R/GA were honored for their innovations in media and marketing tonight at the Digiday Awards gala. The Digiday Awards, Digiday’s biggest awards program of the year, honor the best creative marketing and advertising being done today by brands, agencies, publishers and platforms.

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    • Facebook video ad viewability rates are as low as 20 percent, agencies say

      Facebook’s metrics woes may be far from over. After fessing up to a string of measurement errors over the past six months, the social media company has bowed to pressure from ad buyers and started letting third-party auditors check its numbers. Some agencies started using the new auditing capabilities a few months ago and have been stunned to see viewability rates on Facebook ...

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  • Chasing scale, Instagram influencer networks cut corners

    Influencer talent agencies are using social-amplification practices to pump up results, creating erroneously successful campaigns or potentially causing safety issues for brands. It’s an oft-hidden practice that has its roots in the industry’s scramble to show big numbers. Brands often preach “quality” engagement but seek big numbers, which means influencer networks are often ...

    Shareen Pathak/ Digiday- 5 readers -
  • With no sign of Watch, Facebook mid-roll ads yield slim prospects for UK publishers

    In the U.K., publishers are cool on Facebook’s mid-roll video ads. Facebook’s way of monetizing video through mid-roll ad breaks has had mixed results in the U.S. The opportunity is even more fledgling in the U.K., where Watch, Facebook’s video destination, has yet to have a firm launch date. Facebook’s plan to prioritize users’ posts over publishers’ in the news feed has furt ...

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  • Facebook is building a team to pitch its AR camera to UK advertisers

    Most brands have yet to see what augmented reality on Facebook looks like, but that could soon change. The social network is hiring a product management lead for its in-app camera, called the Camera Effects Platform, who will lead its fledgling AR team in London. Facebook wants the hire, who must be “passionate about AR,” to grow a team of product managers and designers capabl ...

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  • ‘We’re pivoting to words’: Slate says podcasts are now 25 percent of revenue

    In the scramble to serve Facebook, publishers have pivoted to video, with some disastrous results. Not Slate. It is betting big on text and podcasting this year, supported by new hires, ad strategy and site design. “The big story is, we’re pivoting to words,” said Julia Turner, editor of Slate. “We’re going to be experimenting with all media, but we spent lot of 2017 looking a ...

    Lucia Moses/ Digiday- 5 readers -
  • Why bitcoin is not taking off as a payment method

    Bitcoin may be everywhere suddenly, but there’s little reason for everyday people or even merchants to start adopting it as an alternative currency or payment method. The digital currency, whose price has exploded past $10,000 (and then back down some) in the last two months is expensive to get, complicated to use and by next spring they’ll need to figure out how to pay taxes ...

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  • Advertisers see merits of the Facebook algorithm change

    Last week, Facebook unveiled its biggest news feed algorithm change to date, favoring content from friends and family over posts from companies. But while publishers are panicked by the loss of Facebook’s referral traffic, media buyers think brands will be relatively unscathed by the algorithm change.

    Yuyu Chen/ Digiday- 6 readers -
  • How the Texas Tribune is enlisting the newsroom to grow membership revenue

    The Texas Tribune wants consumer revenue to account for more of its revenue. This year, the nonprofit news outlet will de-emphasize pageviews and engagement as it shifts its focus to growing membership. The shift came out of a strategic planning session aimed at figuring out how to diversify the Tribune’s revenue.

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  • Cash-strapped young ad agency staffers moonlight as Uber drivers to make ends meet

    Last year, after receiving an advertising degree from the University of San Francisco, Austin Sacks moved to Los Angeles, a city bustling with ad agencies, to begin his career. But he soon realized he wasn’t going to make ends meet on a starting salary. After months of looking for work, Sacks, 23, landed a job as a market research and account executive assistant at ad agency P ...

    Digiday- 13 readers -
  • Inside the on-demand designer production process that could replace see-now-buy-now

    Ever since it became widely accepted that the fashion calendar is broken, the industry hasn’t been able to find a fix-all solution that would bring the release of designer collections in line with changing customer demands. See-now-buy-now, thanks to being a drastic and expensive undertaking, never became the revolutionary movement it was propped up to be.

    Digiday- 11 readers -
  • News UK sees vertical video ads taking off

    News UK is bullish on the opportunity for vertical video, and it’s starting to see the fruits of its labor. The publisher of British newspapers The Sun and The Times of London launched V-Studio last June, a suite of tools for creating vertical video content, in order to relieve the creative barrier of reshooting content for mobile. Typically, shooting vertical video is a low priority for U.K.

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